Expo Entertainment

Enhancing a large expo's VIP booth with a co-sponsored branding station, fitting perfectly into the western theme and creating personalized leather souvenirs for guests.

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Our client was having a large expo and showed interest in Texas Branding Station to draw customers to their booths. We have a way of driving traffic to booths and standing out in a crowd! As we brainstormed a bit more the client settled on having the branding station at their VIP booth so companies could co-sponsor the booth together and show clients appreciation for coming to their expo at the Kay Bailey Hutchison Convention Center. The VIP reception had a western theme so we fit right in! Guests were able to stamp their names into luggage tags and keychains and we branded the sponsors on each of the leather items then stained them the color of their choice. Lots of laughs, creative stamping and pretty cool souvenirs from Cox, Hospitality Network and Blueprint RF.