What is included in the Branding Station?

The Branding Station has a minimum of 6 stations at every event and a minimum of three staff.  It includes our branding machine, custom branding iron, stamping tools and leather products pre-ordered with booking.

How much space is required for the branding station?

Our full branding station décor will require a 10x12 space but we have additional options available to accommodate any spacing needs.

How is the branding station priced?

We have a base package price for our equipment, custom branding iron, staff and time on the job (minimum 3 hours).  In addition to the basic package fee, we require a minimum of 150 pre-purchase leather products. 

How early do I need to book?

As early as possible to ensure we have the inventory needed and time to make your custom branding iron.  We love a three week window!

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