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FC Dallas

Texas Branding Station enhanced FC Dallas' Hall of Fame ceremonies with a popular, interactive leather branding station.

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We were so thrilled to get the call from FC Dallas to be a part of their Hall of Fame induction ceremonies! And who doesn't love a happy client? Madison Jones with FC Dallas said our branding station "was SUCH a hit" and she "heard such amazing things from all of our guests". If you are a Dallas/Fort Worth party planner or planning your own event and in need of an entertainment idea that stands out, please give us a call! We provide a large array of leather products to choose from for your event. We brand your company logo onsite to the leather item, your guests get to custom stamp it and then our staff will stain the item in a fun color of their choice. Its interactive, entertaining and something they can take home to use! Events + Leather Branding = Memorable Fun Times by Texas Branding Station!